ICAP provides nutritional presentations, giveaways, partners with Constructing Hope at Fulton K-8, and host Spectacular Saturdays at MLK Rec.

                                                    OUR MISSION

The Inner City Athletic Program's mission is to provide free athletic instruction and guidance to underprivileged, fostered, and disabled youth, by stressing the importance of nutrition, exercise, and education with community involvement in prevention of childhood obesity.

​ICAP partners with the US Attorney's Office with theSuccess Agents, a literacy program at Porter & Johnson Elementary Schools once a month providing a physical activity aspect to the program.

​ICAP conducted a free Baseball Clinic at Chollas Lake Little League in September for boys & girls ages 4-15. We gave away T-Shirts & batting gloves, and served lunch to all participants and their families. We had free raffles for bicycles and prizes.

                                                                                           OUR VISION

The vision of the Inner City Athletic Program is to bring youth ages 7 to 14, who live in low-income communities, the awareness of health education, ways to decrease obesity, the importance of exercise, good nutritional choices, self-esteem, self-confidence, and the ability to adjust to their environment. The vision is to instill healthy minds, bodies, and spirit to become leaders in their communities.

         INNER CITY ATHLETIC                           PROGRAM


                                        CHILDHOOD OBESITY PREVENTION

Allyson Felix Olympic Gold Medalist.

All of our children should have an opportunity to experience sports and health education for success in obtaining healthy lifestyles leading towards participation in their own healthy futures.


Donations are Tax Deductible

Inner City Athletic Program would like to thank Wells Fargo for their very kind contribution towards serving our youth in underserved communities.

Inner City Athletic Program takes our kids on field trips, thanks to our partner Tickets For Kids Charities.

It Takes A Community To Raise A Healthy Child

       Mind, Body, & Spirit, Our Future Leaders 

ICAP's summer program Terrific Tuesdays were fun and educational. Nutritional classes, stretching & exercises, sports activities, and field trips were all a part of a summer of fun & learning!


Jiana, 13

     "Well I think that the program is great it teaches kids how to play baseball! It also, helps kids be able to set goals in life and be able to do anything they put their mind to! A lot of people don't like baseball but they do now because of the camp!

ICAP conducted a free Baseball Clinic at Encanto Little League Field, also becoming recognized Live Well San Diego partners!

The Inner City Athletic Program is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization working with youth in prevention of childhood obesity in San Diego  communities. Incorporated in 2008.

​Childhood obesity  has becomeAmerica's #1 health problem!


Dale H. ,10

"I like the camp because it's fun and I'm exercising I'm getting used to baseball so I can have something else to do".